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Re: [Condor-users] mcnp5 and condor -- file not found, unit 39?

Matt Hope <matthew.hope@...> writes:

> should you be able to set this via the submit file? i.e on windows
> environment = TEMP=%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%
> or
> environment = TEMP=%_CONDOR_SCRATCH_DIR%\temp
> (note to users - you _probably_ want it to be in a subdirectory since
> the temp files will then not be transfered back by default which is
> probably the desired behaviour)
> Obviously the \temp one has issues of your app needing to ensure that
> said directory exists before using it but this is probably possible
> It would be quite nice to be able to automatically make this happen
> (at the moment I use a batch script and rely on starting in the
> execute directory but the more I can move out of the batch file the
> better.
> to do this in a batch (cmd) file on windows
> echo "making temp directory in current working directory"
> mkdir temp
> set TMP=%CD%\temp
> set TEMP=%CD%\temp

I ended up using a batch file very similar to this one.  Thanks!
That was an enormous help.

I would have liked using


in the submission file instead, but I'm not seeing the environment set.

Here's my test case.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Executable = testenv.bat
Universe   = vanilla
Output     = testenv.out
Log        = testenv.log
Error      = testenv.err
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT



echo "Should be set by submission file:"
echo "TMP:  ", %TMP%
echo "TEMP: ", %TEMP%
echo "Set in batch file:"
echo "TMP:  ", %TMP%
echo "TEMP: ", %TEMP%


"Should be set by submission file:"
"Set in batch file:"
"TMP:  ", C:\condor\execute\dir_5652
"TEMP: ", C:\condor\execute\dir_5652