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[Condor-users] CurrentTime = ?

I just started using Condor in the last month.  I'm using the drmaa
library to submit jobs to condor.  However setting DRMAA_START_TIME
doesn't work correctly.  The code is hardcoded to always set . . .

PeriodicRelease     =(CurrentTime > 0)
Hold                = True

So I'm working around the problem using DRMAA_NATIVE_SPECIFICATION.  The
problem is I need to calculate the time to set.  Apparently, it's the
difference in seconds between the time you want to run and January 1,
1970 at 00:00.

However when I run the job, it always runs right away.  That means my
calculation is incorrect.  I've checked it over, and it seems correct.
So my question is, how can I get what CurrentTime is set to from condor?