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[Condor-users] Condor (on windows) problems with "condor_submit"

Hi everybody,

(Sorry for my bad english) I'll explain my problem: I have a condor master and two execution nodes ,  when I do "condor_submit loop.sub"  (loop.sub references loop.exe) loop.exe only it's only executed in the own machine (all machines can execute jobs), it never distributes the job to the other machines, but if I manually send a job to other machine (condor_submit -r pc-9.mynet) , it recieves the job and run it.

How can Condor distribute the jobs automatically?  I try to modify priorities with condor_userprio but the problem stills.

When I do "condor_status -master" appears all machines, but if I do "condor_status -schedd" only central manager appears.

Thanks in advance, I hope anybody can help me soon because it's a project for a nets subject.