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Re: [Condor-users] Condor (on windows) problems with "condor_submit"

On 5/28/07, DoX Powalol <doxrules@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 Hi everybody,

(Sorry for my bad english) I'll explain my problem: I have a condor master
and two execution nodes ,  when I do "condor_submit loop.sub"  (loop.sub
references loop.exe) loop.exe only it's only executed in the own machine
(all machines can execute jobs), it never distributes the job to the other


(in short, you probably need to turn on file transfer)

How can Condor distribute the jobs automatically?  I try to modify
priorities with condor_userprio but the problem stills.

That is not your problem.

When I do "condor_status -master" appears all machines, but if I do
"condor_status -schedd" only central manager appears.

That almost sounds right, except for the fact that you were able to
remote submit. How many schedd processes do you think you have running
in your pool? (ie, how many machines did you install where you said
this machine should be able to submit jobs?)