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[Condor-users] Globus_Failure

I am submitting a job from an UI by the following command:
edg-job-submit --vo edteam  -r  CE:2119/jobmanager-pbs-edteam test.jdl
And the output was:
Status info for the Job : https://lnx112.eela.if.ufrj.br:9000/Z3AMxh8c14_ggDNaPKguAwCurrent Status:     Done (Failed)
Exit code:          0
Status Reason:      Cannot read JobWrapper output, both from Condor and from Maradona.
Destination:        CE:2119/jobmanager-pbs-edteam
Looking the logs, I found a file called  gram_job_mgr_xxxx.log, that is in /home/edteam004/ (edteam004 is a user directory) where I found the following information:
JMI: poll_fast: returning -1 = GLOBUS_FAILURE (try Perl scripts)
After some time (5 minutes) the file is erased.
Any idea?

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