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Re: [Condor-users] negotiation weirdness

Jason Stowe <jstowe@...> writes:

> In this case, I suspect that the other Sergey jobs are finishing, and the new
ones are started because the machine is still "Claimed" by the sergey scheduler.
You can specify how long this claim will stay in effect using the
"CLAIM_WORKLIFE" setting in 
> 6.8.*. The default is -1, and will thus cause *all* the sergey jobs to finish
executing. If you set it to say, 1 second, then the first job to execute should
finish executing (presumably longer than 1 second) and the claim will be
released for a new match-making cycle.

I set CLAIM_WORKLIFE = 300, and that seems to have fixed my problem.

-Grant Goodyear-