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[Condor-users] WinXP Application Error running with Condor

Hi All,

I'm running condor 6.8.1 on a cluster of WinXP machines. The executable in the submit file is a .bat file that calls the application's executable. We are transferring one input file. Here's the submit:
universe = vanilla
getenv = False
requirements = OpSys == "WINNT50" || OpSys == "WINNT51"
executable = iwars3.bat
arguments = expt_0001.isf
transfer_input_files = expt_0001.isf
log = expt_0001.log
output = expt_0001.out
error = expt_0001.err
notification = never
queue   1

The iwars3.bat file runs fine from the command line, but when I do a condor_submit on this submit file, it starts running, but then I get an error that the app can't load a file. The app accesses a database that is configured on each of the nodes as well and is part of the command line call in the .bat file.

I looked through the Start and StarterLog files on the execute node, as well as the ShadowLog files, and nothing jumps out, e.g., file permissions, etc.. I don't know yet if this relates to something like the Excel problem previously reported, e.g., user registries and profiles, but it might - I'm checking into that.

In the meantime, does anyone have any insight, given what limited picture I've portrayed, what else could be the source of the problem, condor specific? I've thought about path issues, and permissions; is there anything else, or anywhere else I could look?