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[Condor-users] Help: VM1_USER = MyDomain\Condor does not work


I'm trying to run jobs via a domain user instead of 
That user is called Condor, so I have the following in

my condor_config file: 
VM1_USER = MyDomain\Condor 
I also have: 
UID_DOMAIN = MyDomain 
I have run the following command successfully on the 
execute machine: 
condor_store_cred add -u Condor@MyDomain (where 
MyDomain is my actual domain) 
I even check that the credential was successfully 
stored by running the following command: 
condor_store_cred query -u Condor@MyDomain 
And this tells me that indeed the credential is stored

and is valid. 
However, when I submit a job as myself to that same 
execute machine, I get the following messages in the 
StarterLog.vm1 file: 
ERROR: Could not locate valid credential for user 
Could not initialize user_priv as "MyDomain\Condor". 
Make sure this account's password is securely stored 
with condor_store_cred. 
ERROR: Failed to determine what user to run this job 
as, aborting 
Failed to initialize JobInfoCommunicator, aborting 
Unable to start job 
condor_starter (condor_STARTER) EXITING WITH STATUS 1 
Am I missing something? 
I am running Windows XP and Condor 6.8.2 on both 
submit and execute machines. Both are Intel machines. 
I have even run 'condor_store_cred add/query -u 
Condor@MyDomain' on the submit machine (in addition to

the execute machine, after getting the above ERRORs) 
and both operations are successful on the submit 
machine as well. 
And of course, I have run condor_store_cred for 
Does the user Condor need some very specific settings?

 I've tried making it a member of Admin group; I've 
tried lower case condor as well. But I keep getting 
the above ERRORs.
I've tried using \\ instead of \ as in:
VM1_USER = MyDomain\\Condor 
but this doesn't work because it only adds a \ to the
end of MyDomain, but I get the exact same ERRORs

I've even tried installing 6.8.6 and running that way,
but I still get the same ERRORs.

Could you please tell me what else to try? 
Thank you very much, 

P.S. Condor works if I just use the dynamically
created condor-reuse-vmx users.

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