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Re: [Condor-users] excel on condor

thanks Ian,

that was the breakthrough I was looking. as soon as I put the
USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP I was able to see why excel was stopping. made some
permissions corrections and path changes and now I'm on my way. our cluster
is now glowing red hot doing excel/vba reps. I also found it interesting on
how excel looks into the registry to get permissions on macro execution. 

thx again

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> when I condor_submit this file, the job gets started on a selected 
> machine. when I login on that machine I see the following;
>	- under task manager I see that excel.exe has started but  is not 
>eating up any cpu time.
>	- under c:\condor\execute\dir_###, I see a _condor_stderr  file, the

>sdk2.xls and a condor_exec.bat (which is a copy of  the jeff.bat file).


> any words of wisdom on this? 

Try setting:
In the local configuration file on the machine. I think this might need a
full re-start of the startd on that machine to take effect. It might be that
Excel expects to find a visible desktop session in order to run your macro,
or maybe it's stuck with a prompt and waiting for a response. At the very
least you'll get to see Excel when the job runs on the box and that might
make debugging the problem a little easier.
- Ian

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