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Re: [Condor-users] Trouble starting condor daemons - CONDOR_IDSerror

On 10/20/07, Bruce Craig <pcxcb1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > /opt/condor/bin/condor_config_val -verbose CONDOR_IDS
> Running this on a machine that works and one that doesn't both give the same
> output:
> CONDOR_IDS: 1250.551
>   Defined in '/opt/condor/etc/condor_config', line 134.
> This justs confuses me more as both machines know what uid and gid to use,
> and both can see the user, but only one can actually start the daemons!

I know you said the machine configs are the same, but can you be
completely paranoid
and check all the files that affect user ids on the system.  Really
look at /etc/passwd, /etc/group,
the output of ypcat, etc.