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[Condor-users] "globusrun-ws -submit -f /xxxx/xxx.xml -factory-type Condor" Problem

Hi all,
I have a condor pool established on 4 machines. I tested the pool by submitting simple jobs (Hello condor ".c"). The tests ran successfully on the pool.
When it comes to globusrun-ws, i use the condor (gram ran succsessfully) scheduler to submit the jobs. The jobs run ONLY on the submitting machine and not on all the machines in the pool.
I use an .xml file to run the job. i run a simple .exe (typing hello) 30 times.
condor.pm under $GLOUBUS_LOCATION/lib/perl/GLOBUS/GRAM/JobManager exists.
My question is, do i need to change condor.pm in order to let the jobs run on the pool instead of running on the submitting machines only??
Do i need to make other actions/configurations?
Thanks in advance.

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