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[Condor-users] Forcing job to run on submit host


I am runnning multiple jobs where the result of each job has to be
compared and the best one picked out. I have set this up as a DAGMan
job and I get all the results back to the submitters machine in the
STDOUT files. I need the argument list for the best result and run it
locally on the submitters machine (has to do a lot of database stuff).

What is the best way of finding the best result from the output files?
I have written a small bash script that uses a loop and 'grep' to pick
out the results. Now I need to compare them as well. I have a small
c++ program that parses result file from the bash script and picks out
the best result. I could probably do the comparison as well with the
bash script?

My question is how to I force the last job in DAGMan (which is the
child of all the other jobs) to run on the submitters machine where
all the outputs files are (this being a bash script or a c++
executable). Is there a better/easier way of doing this?

- Atle