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Re: [Condor-users] Trouble starting condor daemons - CONDOR_IDSerror

Title: Re: [Condor-users] Trouble starting condor daemons - CONDOR_IDSerror
>1) Check that user 1250.551 has permission to all files used by condor. logs, config and for linux/os xa temp lock dir in /tmp..if >not..correct the file permissions.

All the condor install is owned by root, permission 755. /tmp is world writable. Local dir is owned by condor user/group.

>2) Check that the problematic machine is in >the HOSTALLOW_ADMINISTRATOR, HOSTALLOW_READ,HOSTALLOW_WRITE parameters.


I altered all three to *, but makes no difference.

I ran condor_master with strace, I don’t really understand what is being recorded, but I did notice the global condor_config is not opened on the computers with the error. I attach the strace of a working and nonworking computer. Also the nonworking computer opens /etc/passwd, which does not contain the ldap user information, and hence the CONDOR_IDS error.


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