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[Condor-users] few questions



You speak with Remon van Holstein from the company Upservers from the Netherlands.


I have a few questions about Condor.


I have a condorpool with a Linux Master and 1 Linux client and 2 Windows XP clients.


•           When I submit a job compiled simple.c to simple and made a submit file the file runs on the linux client and the Master but not on the Windows Clients.

•           When I submit the file on the windows clients they run there but not on the Linux clients. Is this normal?

•           And another question when I submit 100 jobs there run 2 jobs at the time why is the job not split in 2 pieces and run on all the clients how do I do that.


I hope to hear something from you,


My great regards


Remon van Holstein



Remon van Holstein

Ungerplein 2/17


The Netherlands