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Re: [Condor-users] few questions

Hello Remon van Holstein from the company Upservers from the

> When I submit a job compiled simple.c to simple and made a submit
> file the file runs on the linux client and the Master but not on
> the Windows Clients.
> When I submit the file on the windows clients they run there but
> not on the Linux clients. Is this normal?

Completely normal. Your compiled code only works on the OS where you
compiled it and Condor, unless you tell it otherwise, assumes that the
OS you submit from is the OS you want to run your jobs on. In your case,
this assumption is correct. You can override this using the requirements
attribute in your submit file. See:


> And another question when I submit 100 jobs there run 2 jobs at the
> time why is the job not split in 2 pieces and run on all the clients
> how do I do that.

I'm not sure what you're asking here. If you have 100 jobs in your queue
that all target Linux and you have 2 Linux slots where jobs can run, the
jobs from the queue will be serviced in those two slots in order. How
were you expecting them to be serviced?

- Ian

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