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Re: [Condor-users] birdbath dag submission

 * Hi I kind of give up for now on DAGs but keep working on submitting jobs throught java code so still need your help :)
I can't succed to make Condor write my out, err files !! and don't know why: this is my code

    	    ClassAdStructAttr[] extraAttributes =
    	    		new ClassAdStructAttr("Out", ClassAdAttrType.value3,"/home/jerome/temp.out"),
    	    		new ClassAdStructAttr("Err", ClassAdAttrType.value3,"/home/jerome/temp.err"),

    	    xact.submit(cluster, job, "jerome", UniverseType.VANILLA, "/home/jerome/aved/scripts/runAVEDworkflow-condor", "-i " + video + " -d " + AvedService.SCRATCH_DIR, null, extraAttributes, null);

moreover, the script I lunch throught that (because the job runs perfectly) is not executing until the end !! is that normal ?? when I lunch my script by hand this one execute perfectly. I was wondering if when opening connection throught Condor web service there was some time deadline, like for this line:


not sure what it does mean?

thx for your help,

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On Mon, 24 Sep 2007, Mariette, Jerome wrote:

> I'm pretty new in Condor world and have some troubles submitting dag.
> Here is my probleme.
> I'm using birdbath wraper to do it and I'm submitting the dag file like that:
>  Schedd schedd = new Schedd (new URL("http://localhost:8181";));
>  Transaction xact = schedd.createTransaction();
>  xact.begin(30);
>  int cluster = xact.createCluster();
>  int job = xact.createJob(cluster);
>  xact.submit(cluster, job, "jerome", UniverseType.SCHEDULER,
>              "/opt/condor-6.8.5/bin/condor_dagman", /* Path to the dagman binarie */
>              "-f -l . -Debug 3 " +
>              "-Lockfile myLockFile -Dag myDag -Rescue myRescuDag -Condorlog myLog",
>              null, null, null);
>  xact.commit();
> what am I doing wrong ? (the Dag File is ok because tryed by command it's working)
> thx

At least one more thing you need from the DAGMan end -- _CONDOR_DAGMAN_LOG
must be set in DAGMan's environment.  (This needs to point to a file 
DAGMan can log to.)

It sounds like you've been able to run condor_submit_dag on the command
line, so take a look at the .condor.sub file it produces to see how
_CONDOR_DAGMAN_LOG is set there.

Kent Wenger
Condor Team
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