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Re: [Condor-users] Parsing quoted arguments in Condor

Hi Dan,

Thanks for helping out. The situation of #1 is what we want. However, there are more problems. See below.

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 11:57 PM, Dan Bradley <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Are your jobs running on windows or are they running on unix?


When you say that you want to execute the command

exec.py -a a_value -b "b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value"

are you expecting this:

Arguments #1
arg1: -a
arg2: a_value
arg3: -b
arg4: "b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value"

This is what we want.

#1 above should result from this:
arguments = "-a a_value -b '"b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value"'"

Do you mean: arguments = "-a a_value -b '""b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value""'" ? I tried the one you typed literally and Condor complained:

Unexpected characters following double-quote.  Did you forget to escape the double-quote by repeating it? Here is the quote and trailing characters: "MDC08.runLED -w 2008-04-02T12:00:01 -z -125"' -m '"SpadeSvc -S led"' -R 2301 -o /afs/hep.wisc.edu/dayabay/Spade/MDCLED_WISC_D2301.root"

The full arguments you specified were: "-n 2000 -G /afs/hep.wisc.edu/dayabay/dayabay/NuWa64/NuWa-1.0.0/dybgaudi/Detector/MedConDetDesc/DDDB/dayabay_dry.xml -m '"MDC08.runLED -w 2008-04-02T12:00:01 -z -125"' -m '"SpadeSvc -S led"' -R 2301 -o /afs/hep.wisc.edu/dayabay/Spade/MDCLED_WISC_D2301.root"


--- Wei

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