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Re: [Condor-users] Parsing quoted arguments in Condor

I struggled with spaces as well.


The program was supposed to be called as below in windows command line interpreter:


Worker.exe /Param1 /Param2:”more_argument with spaces=’constant with spaces’ “



After some struggle I figured out a jobWrapper.bat file with only one line



The submit job has following lines:

Executable = jobWrapper.bat

Arguments = "Worker.exe '/Param1' '/Param2:more_argument with spaces=’’constant with spaces’’ ' "




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Hi all,

I tried two cases:

#1. arguments = "-a a_value -b '""b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value""'", two double-quotes to escape the double-quote, a pair of single-quote to make sure the whitespaces are part of the argument.

#2. arguments = "-a a_value -b '''""b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value""'''", suggested by J.K.

Both are leagal but both had the problem that "b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value" can't be parsed for "b_mod" further after the whole string is treated as one argument for the main program.

According to the logfiles of the Condor jobs, it seems that Condor decides to put in pairs of single-quotes:  "b_mod' '-b_op1' 'b_op1_value", which makes sure that the string "b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value" is treated by Condor as one argument, which is what we want.  But this caused the problem of parsing "b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value" for the module "b_mod". We want "-b_op1 b_op1_value" to be the arguments of "b_mod" but Condor's single-quote pairs destroyed this.

It seems we are stuck......

Any ideas? Thanks.

--- Wei

On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 9:08 AM, Kewley, J (John) <john.kewley@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Do you mean: arguments = "-a a_value -b '""b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value""'" ?
>  I tried the one you typed literally and Condor complained:

I was going to suggest:
arguments = "-a a_value -b '''""b_mod -b_op1 b_op1_value""'''"


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