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Re: [Condor-users] Error Message

Hi Peter:

The only time I have encountered this is when the Windows 
internationalization options have been corrupted or 
miss-configured.  Are you using a language other than
US English on the machine in question?


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> Subject: [Condor-users] Error Message
> Hello,
> I've noticed an error at Condor and would be very pleased if I could
> receive any assistance.
> I tried to install Condor 7.0.5 on Windows XP (64-bit). That machine
> was set up as Central Manager and Worker Node.
> In addition we have installed 4 other computers.
> Three computers should have worked as Submitter and Worker Node.
> One of the computers should have only worked as a worker Node.
> All machines were displayed with the command: condor_status
> As I had been sending a vanilla job by two of the three submitters the
> following error message appeared:
> "Error: Parse error in expression:
> RemoteWallClockTime = 0.0"
> However, the other Submitter works fine.
> I have written a simple submit file without any RemoteWallClockTime
> parameter.
> Can anyone help me? It's important that the other submitters can send
> jobs too.
> The both submitters, which have displayed such an error message, could
> log on the Central Manager anyhow.
> Thanks a lot,
> Peter