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Re: [Condor-users] Error Message

Hi Peter:

In the instance I was looking at, the computer itself was creating
new accounts irrespective of the language (apparently) configured
for new users.  Once this was reset, the problem when away.  As
long as the slot users are created with US English as their main
language.  It's not just the keyboard layout, but the entire
account must be set to use English, otherwise a decimal number
may not be recognized correctly.


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> Hi Ben,
> that's a great idea. I am trying to install Condor at a German company
> but they work with an English version of Windows. However, I'm not sure
> whether there is any difference between a US layout and a BE one.
> Anyhow, does only it play a major role on the computers where we have
> installed Condor? It is about a bigger network. Is it important which
> language version was installed on the server? I will continue to
> investigate on this subject. This is a big difference in relation to
> the pool I used for my test purpose.
> Bye Peter