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[Condor-users] DAGMan custom submit files -- use -append, -insert_sub_file

Just a note to the DAGMan users out there -- the arguments passed
to the condor_dagman binary change reasonably often between Condor
versions.  (In other words, the arguments in the .condor.sub file
produced by condor_submit_dag sometimes change between versions.)

(If you use DAGMan, but just run condor_submit_dag and don't change
the resulting submit file, you can ignore the rest of this message.)

For people to need some customization of their DAGMan submit file,
we suggest using the -append and -insert_sub_file command-line flags
to condor_submit_dag, as opposed to writing your own script to generate
the submit file.

See the condor_submit_dag man page:


If you use condor_submit_dag with the -append or -insert_sub_file flags,
instead of writing the submit file with your own code, you should be much less likely to have to change your code as a result of a Condor version change.

(There are probably some cases where -append and -insert_sub_file don't provide sufficient flexibility. But I think in many cases, at least, these flags will do what people need.)

Kent Wenger
Condor Team