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Re: [Condor-users] quick questions

Robert E. Parrott wrote:

A couple of quick one-offs on configs:

1) How does a user specify a max runtime on a job from their submit file?

What do you want to achieve: putting the job on hold if it runs for too long? Or simply specifying the maximum amount of time the job should be given to finish before being preempted by higher priority jobs?

2) I'm trying to setup a list of "banned" users as such:

   IsBannedUser = ( Owner =?= "baduser") || (Owner =?= "parrott" )

   START =  $(START) && ( IsBannedUser  == FALSE )

however, using this configuration I (user "parrott") can still submit and run simple jobs (after condor_reconfig -all).

What am I doing wrong here?

If IsBannedUser is not advertised as an attribute in the machine ClassAd, then you must expand it as a macro when referring to it from other places in the config file. Example:

START =  ($(START)) && ( ($(IsBannedUser))  == FALSE )

Note how I have been careful to put ()'s around both macro substitutions to avoid mistakes in order of operations.

If you do want IsBannedUser to be advertised as an attirbute of the machine ClassAd, then you can do the following:


Then you can refer to it as you did above, but I would still recommend putting ()'s around $(START).