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[Condor-users] Having ClassAd functions show up fully evaluated in the -long output?

I'm using ifThenElse to make some fancy settings on my startd nodes that
dual boot Windows and Linux. Essentially this:

AlteraOperatingSystem = ifThenElse (OpSys == "LINUX", "RHEL4", "WINXP")

Works great if you do:

condor_status -f "%s\n" AlteraOperatingSystem

I see RHEL4 or WINXP depending on which OS the machine is booted into.
But if I do a -long I see an unevaluated ifThenElse() line for
AlteraOperatingSystem. I can why it'd be handy to see the unevaluated
attribute. But is it possible to get the -long output to show the fully
evaluated functions? If not: feature request? :)

- Ian

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