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Re: [Condor-users] Priorities and Dedicated Scheduling

The parallel scheduler treats the job "priority" value specially. Whereas in other universe, the priority is applied strictly between jobs belonging to the same user, in the parallel universe, the priority applies across all users. Although this doesn't directly address fair sharing, you could use it to get jobs to run in an order other than FIFO.

Keep in mind that you can set the priority at submit time and also later via condor_qedit.


Sara Campos wrote:

We have a pool comprising several dedicated machines with different architectures and CPU number. We installed condor 6.8.6 and we are using a dedicated scheduler in order to run parallel jobs. In the moment we have more jobs to run than available machines. The allocation of resources by first in first out (FIFO) is leading to unfair sharing of the resources. Our questions are:
1) Is there any way to overcome this problem ?
2) Will priorities be introduced in the dedicated scheduler soon in a future condor release?

Thank you,
Sara Campos
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