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Re: [Condor-users] Having ClassAd functions show up fully evaluatedin the -long output?

> As an aside you realize a fix to the specific example is 
> solvable using $(ARCH) and $(OPSYS) to redirect to a 
> operating specific file (Which IIRC is allowed to then 
> rewrite the $(ARCH) and $(OPSYS) values
> itself)

Yea, in the next incarnation of this scheme we'll separate out the files
a little better so there's OS separation. For the next 4 months I'm
working with this scheme though. We don't re-write Arch and OpSys
directly so it'd work for us.
> Obviously for something less fixed this isn't an option so I 
> second the desire for the different evaluation modes (In fact 
> -l really shouldn't change anything at an individual element 
> level, it would be nicer to have an additional command line 
> swicth wich said --evaluate=[true|false] (which at least for 
> now should default to the previous behaviours for backwards 
> compatibility but should be switchable for those that need it)

That's pretty much what I was thinking: allow me to tell Condor to do
the eval. It could be slow when coupled with -l but I'm willing to
tolerate that.

- Ian

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