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Re: [Condor-users] run_as_owner not working in 6.9.5: LOCAL_CREDD bug?

On Wed, 2008-01-09 at 10:56 -0500, Scillieri, John wrote:
> I'm seeing this too. We were running a complete 6.9.1 pool and added
> 20+ machines at 6.9.5 (including the master node). All the 6.9.1
> machines that haven't been upgraded connect to the upgraded 6.9.5
> master node and accept jobs.  The 6.9.5 machines show up in the pool
> but don't display LocalCred when running condor_status -long, even
> though they're running with exactly the same config file. 

This likely means that the 6.9.5 execute machines are unable to
authenticate to the CredD using PASSWORD authentication. You should:

1) Make sure these machines have the pool password stored
     - "condor_store_cred -c query" will check for a pool password
     - "condor_store_cred -c add" will add it

2) Reconfig the StartDs on the 6.9.5 machines, which will cause each
   machine to retest its ability to authenticate to the CredD. If it
   works, LocalCredD will appear in the "condor_status -l" output for
   these machines.