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Re: [Condor-users] run_as_owner not working in 6.9.5: LOCAL_CREDD bug?

I'm seeing this too. We were running a complete 6.9.1 pool and added 20+ machines at 6.9.5 (including the master node). All the 6.9.1 machines that haven't been upgraded connect to the upgraded 6.9.5 master node and accept jobs.  The 6.9.5 machines show up in the pool but don't display LocalCred when running condor_status -long, even though they're running with exactly the same config file.
Is the only work around to modify the CREDD_HOST variable in all my condor_config files?
Let me know what I need to provide to be helpful, thanks!
John Scillieri

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Subject: [Condor-users] run_as_owner not working in 6.9.5: LOCAL_CREDD bug?

I am trying to set up a small Condor pool with one submit only/master node (Vista) and one submit/execute node (XP). I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get the RUN_AS_OWNER feature working, so that jobs submitted will be run under the credentials of the submitter. The jobs remain in the idle queue and do not run: using condor_q –analyze indicates the problem may be that the job requires that the execute node must advertise “LOCAL_CREDD = <hostname of CREDD host>:9620”.


Specifying CREDD_HOST=$(CONDOR_HOST):$(CREDD_PORT) in the condor_config on the execute node (the default) *does not* work as expected: instead of displaying  “LOCAL_CREDD = <hostname of CREDD host>:9620” in response to condor_status -long,  no information is displayed at all. (However, specifying CREDD_HOST=$(CONDOR_HOST) does causes “LOCAL_CREDD = <hostname of CREDD host>” to be displayed).


I then tried reverting to 6.8.8 and this version *does* display the full information i.e. “LOCAL_CREDD = <hostname of CREDD host>:9620” for the execute node.


Has anyone else come across such a problem, and is there a workaround?





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