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[Condor-users] shared central manager / view server


As per:


I've been trying to access a view server collector on a non standard port
but after much experimentation I've come to the conclusion that this syntax

CONDOR_VIEW_HOST = <hostname>:<port>

doesn't work ( can anyone confirm this ? ). 

This begs the question that if I want to run shared central manager / 
view server how can I do it. 

I've tried using the cental manager collector also as view server
and this seems to work fine but as I have an SMP box to play with it
would seem sensible to run them as separate daemons. I guess I could
also move the central manager to a different port and run the view server
of the default but that would mean reconfiguring all the execute host 
which is a real pain.

thanks in advance,


Dr Ian C. Smith
e-Science Team
University of Liverpool
Computing Services Department