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Re: [Condor-users] shared central manager / view server

This bug has been recently fixed in the new 7.1 development branch (not released yet). If you need this patched in the 7.0 series, we'll need to backport the fix.


Smith, Ian wrote:


As per:


I've been trying to access a view server collector on a non standard port
but after much experimentation I've come to the conclusion that this syntax

CONDOR_VIEW_HOST = <hostname>:<port>

doesn't work ( can anyone confirm this ? ). This begs the question that if I want to run shared central manager / view server how can I do it.
I've tried using the cental manager collector also as view server
and this seems to work fine but as I have an SMP box to play with it
would seem sensible to run them as separate daemons. I guess I could
also move the central manager to a different port and run the view server
of the default but that would mean reconfiguring all the execute host which is a real pain.

thanks in advance,


Dr Ian C. Smith
e-Science Team
University of Liverpool
Computing Services Department

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