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[Condor-users] Condor / GCB error.


We have a small Condor pool with a private Lan between subnodes with a head node and GCB server on the main Lan.

Condor clients on the main Lan are have trouble flocking to the pool, either jobs don't run at all, or submitted jobs fail to return results to the submitting client.

It's a bit hit and miss whether a full reboot of the pool PCs and GCB server solve the issue, but even when it does, it soon reappears.

We note the following error in the log file:

GCB: ERROR "GCB_bind: binding the socket locally failed" errno 98: Address already in use

Any ideas how to solve this?

Steve O'Hagan.

Dr. Steve O'Hagan,
Computer Officer,
Bioanalytical Sciences Group,
School of Chemistry,
Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre,
University of Manchester,
131, Princess St, MANCHESTER M1 7DN.

Email: SOHagan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 0161 306 4562