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Re: [Condor-users] Is there a way to give a job a descriptive name?

Bryan S. Maher wrote:
Is there a way to have Condor display a more descriptive name for the
jobs in the queue?  It's pretty common for us to run hundreds of
instances of the same executable with different input parameters and it
would be nice if there was something like "JOB_NAME" in the submission
file so that CONDOR_Q could report something other than the name of the

It is easy to add custom attributes into your job ClassAd, and easy to customize the output of condor_q.

So you could get the above by having a submit file that looks something like:

executable = foo.exe
+job_name = "Simulation of XXX"

(note the "+" syntax to add a custom attribute - and if the custom attribute is a string, you must include the double quotes)

and then something like

condor_q -format "%d." ClusterId -format "%d\t" ProcId -format "%s\n" job_name

perhaps make the above an alias or some such.

Is that good enough for what you want to do?