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Re: [Condor-users] Is there a way to give a job a descriptive name?

Thanks, that should do it.

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Bryan S. Maher wrote:
> Is there a way to have Condor display a more descriptive name for the
> jobs in the queue?  It's pretty common for us to run hundreds of
> instances of the same executable with different input parameters and
> would be nice if there was something like "JOB_NAME" in the submission
> file so that CONDOR_Q could report something other than the name of
> executable.

It is easy to add custom attributes into your job ClassAd, and easy to 
customize the output of condor_q.

So you could get the above by having a submit file that looks something 

executable = foo.exe
+job_name = "Simulation of XXX"

(note the "+" syntax to add a custom attribute - and if the custom 
attribute is a string, you must include the double quotes)

and then something like

condor_q -format "%d." ClusterId -format "%d\t" ProcId -format "%s\n" 

perhaps make the above an alias or some such.

Is that good enough for what you want to do?

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