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Re: [Condor-users] Rank policy

One common method is to stuff something into the job ClassAd that
declares the group.  In OSG, there are various condor.pm hacks to do
this.  One that I have used described on the following page under
"Adding OSG VO information to the job ClassAd":

What I do is to map each group or VO to a separate GroupId
and then append an AccountingGroup to each classad based on gid,
and control the priorities and quotas of each group using
the group quotas mechanism of condor.  On selected nodes
that were paid for by one of the groups I use rank too.

To keep from pre-empting a running job I use the following

ILCDETRANK=(ISILC*(Target.Agroup=?="group_ilddet" || Target.Agroup=?="group_sidd

condor experts tell me that the Activity != busy isn't foolproof,
that there are some times when this information isn't up to date,
but it has worked for me.