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[Condor-users] Java max heap memory


	I've installed condor on a few windows desktops with Java, and
	am a little baffled by Condor's max heap memory setting. Section
	3.13 in the manual talks about explicitly setting the memory
	to the largest amount support by Sun's VM, 1906M; however on two
	of the desktops the maximum has been somewhere around
	1500/1600M. Is there any obvious way to calculate what the
	maximum should be set to?.
	It may have something to do with them being dual-core
	machines, in which case I assume '-Xmx' should be, at the very
	most, half the physical memory?.

	As an aside, condor_status -java seems to show [mem]/[slots]
	physical memory per slot, regardless of the '-Xmx' setting. 


Richard Palmer
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