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[Condor-users] Condor-G and GAHP


I have some question about Condor-G.

1. Is Condor-G still being maintained by Condor Team ? I Read Condor
manual and I think if it still being maintained it should had new
documentation about how Condor-G interact with newer version of Globus
Toolkit (curently GT4)

2. Sometimes I think that Condor-G has not change at all, the only change
was GAHP server. Is that true ? When I looked into GridManager log, I
still saw "GM_PROBE_JOBMANAGER". I think there is no JOBMANAGER that used
in Globus Toolkit 4 WS-GRAM.

3. When I visited GAHP site at http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/gahp/ , There
is no documentation about GT4 GAHP that available. can anyone show me
where to get Globus 4 GAHP documentation ?

* Globus 2 GAHP (the original GAHP). The GT2 GAHP protocol spec is here.
* Globus 3.2 GAHP. The GT3.2 GAHP protocol spec is here.
* Globus 4 GAHP. Spec coming soon
* C-GAHP (Condor GAHP). The C-GAHP protocol spec is here
* BLAHP (from INFN). The BLAHP protocol spec is here