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[Condor-users] Condor 7.0.2 bombing out on subset of Windows machines

Hi all,

I've got sets of Windows XP machines (with differing images) and we're currently upgrading to 7.0.2. On a subset of these machines the Condor service fails to start correctly and gives the following error in the Master log:

6/17 16:22:39 Started DaemonCore process "C:\condor/bin/condor_startd.exe", pid and pgroup = 3768
6/17 16:22:39 ERROR "Unexpected performance counter size for total CPU: 0 (expected 8)
" at line 2833 in file ..\src\condor_procapi\procapi.C
6/17 16:22:39 Sent SIGKILL to STARTD (pid 3768) and all it's children.
6/17 16:22:39 **** Condor (condor_MASTER) EXITING WITH STATUS 1

The configuration files are identical on all machines. Does anyone know what the source of this error might be?