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Re: [Condor-users] Running jobs without 'nobody'

Thank you for your fast answer!

Yes this would be a great solution but I thought I already used the file transfer mechanism in my submit_file: 

Universe = vanilla
Executable = /software/guiswarm/swarm-2.2/bin/javaswarm
Log = condor_log
Error = condor_error
Output = condor_output
getenv = true
requirements = jaswa && ((( OpSys == "SOLARIS29" ) && ( Arch == "SUN4u" )) || (( OpSys == "SOLARIS28" ) && ( Arch == "SUN4u" )))
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
transfer_input_files = /source/Simul.class, /source/BatchSwarm.class, /source/Beq0.class, /source/Cell.class, /source/DNA.class, /source/DsupK.class, /source/incorrectValue.class, /source/Individual.class, /source/Map.class, /source/missingValue.class, /source/ModelSwarm.class, /source/noEnoughValues.class, /source/ObserverSwarm.class, /source/Param.class, /source/Plant.class, /source/Project.class, /source/Seed.class, /source/Specie.class, /source/SwarmUtils.class
InitialDir = /home/rb6141/2june/source/
Arguments = Simul -cfg /home/rb6141/2june/config_file

Is there something wrong in it or something I need to change to be able to store the output files as the same user id that submitted the job?



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