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Re: [Condor-users] Condor 7 on Vista

Thanks, this has turned out quite an interesting problem. I think I have narrowed it down to java versioning problems with java 1.5 v 1.6
Current installation in the pool is Condor 6.6.1; if I install this with java 1.5, it is ok. If I upgrade to 6.8.6, I can get java recognised; if I then upgrade to 7.1, then java does not work. I have to force all installations to use java 1.5, as java 1.6 does not work at all with the current setup. This is all on XP systems, as the pesky Vista has been setup to go to sleep, which does not help!
Questions are:
Should I upgrade the condor pool to a later version to match new Condor builds on clients and avoid any incompatibility, and is this is a known java incompatibility between 1.5 and 1.6 on Condor.

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It is possible to submit a job from a Vista machine into this pool, e.g. a
java HelloWorld, but not submit to the Vista machine. 

Yes, you can set the job's requirements to include XP, SuSE or both.

It appears that it does not recognise the condor_status -java command, as
the Vista machine as having been set up to run Java programs, I have not yet
tested C programs.
   I must admit I changed the Java parameters after the initial setup, which
may be part of the problem; and just wondered whether other users had
actually used Vista machines in a pool, as unfortunately a lot of our Labs
are being updated this summer.

I've been running Condor under Vista and have little problems with Java, not
that mean anything--can you expand on what it was that you changed?


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