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Re: [Condor-users] FW: Logon Failure: unknown user name or bad password


Thank you so much for your answer, I will try the "run_as_owner" next time I run the job.  Concerning the use of mapped drives, I did try using the net use command, in fact I created an small batch file that mapped the network resource in all three windows computer using the same letter to have consistency but it didn’t work. The notification e-mail came back with the following:

This is an automated email from the Condor system on machine "machine2.domain.com".  Do not reply.

Condor job 58.0


has exited normally with status 1

Submitted at:        Tue Jun 17 15:27:47 2008

Completed at:        Tue Jun 17 15:27:54 2008

Real Time:           0 00:00:07

Virtual Image Size:  0 Kilobytes

Statistics from last run:

Allocation/Run time:     0 00:00:02

Remote User CPU Time:    0 00:00:00

Remote System CPU Time:  0 00:00:00

Total Remote CPU Time:   0 00:00:00

Statistics totaled from all runs:

Allocation/Run time:     0 00:00:02


  196.0 B  Run Bytes Received By Job

   90.0 B  Run Bytes Sent By Job

  196.0 B  Total Bytes Received By Job

   90.0 B  Total Bytes Sent By Job

And the error log file showed the following error message:
The system cannot find the drive specified

I don’t know what I did wrong now, but thank you for your help,



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1) You can use the submit file option "run_as_owner" on Windows to use the

domain accounts.  There is a section in the manual on how to configure the

credd daemon/service to allow you to do this.  There are also some

powerpoint slides from Condor Week 2007 that expands further on this:




2) If you are using batch files, you can always use the "net use" command to

map a new drive (see " net use /?" for more details.  If the drives are

already mapped, then as long as the drive names are consistent across

machines then you can use them as you would any regular drive.







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