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Re: [Condor-users] Condor 7.0.2 in combination with Windows XP and Vista


The reference to "C:\Program' 'Files\Inpho\ApplicationsMaster' '5.1\bin" makes me wonder if the path is getting split at spaces, which might explain the ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT that Matt Hope pointed out.  As to why this happens only in 7.0, and not with Vista alone, I don't know.  (It's also possible that ' ' is just an odd way to escape the space for logging purposes.)  To test if spaces are the problem, you could find out the 8.3 names for "Program Files" and "ApplicationsMaster 5.1" with "dir /x" and try those instead.  

Hope that helps,

Douglas Clayton
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On Jun 19, 2008, at 8:55 AM, Thomas Laue wrote:


I have encountered a problem after upgrading a small Condor pool from version 6.8.8 to 7.0.2. The pool consists of 2 computers equipped with Windows XP and a central manager machine equipped with Vista. I installed version 7.0.2 on the central manager and the two processing nodes. Everything was working smoothly with Condor 6.8.8

Now, all jobs submitted to the processing nodes are cancelled after a few seconds on the XP systems. I found the following messages in the StarterLog.slot1 file (similar ones for other slots).  
6/19 13:31:36 About to exec C:\condor\execute\dir_1008\condor_exec.exe /C call \\DEMO4\I$\inpho_data\Offingen\Project\condor\job0\offingen_with_subblocks_complete_16.bat C:\Program' 'Files\Inpho\ApplicationsMaster' '5.1\bin
6/19 13:31:36 Create_Process: CreateProcess failed, errno=193
6/19 13:31:36 ERROR "Create_Process(C:\condor\execute\dir_1008\condor_exec.exe,/C call \\DEMO4\I$\inpho_data\Offingen\Project\condor\job0\offingen_with_subblocks_complete_16.bat C:\Program' 'Files\Inpho\ApplicationsMaster' '5.1\bin, ...) failed" at line 495 in file ..\src\condor_starter.V6.1\os_proc.C
6/19 13:31:36 ShutdownFast all jobs.  

I made one additional test in which I used only the Vista machine as central manager and processing node at the same time. All my jobs were completed successfully. I did not encounter the same problems.

I would appreciate any help.

Best Regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Thomas Laue

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