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[Condor-users] Condor, Vanilla, can not link to the library successfully

I am trying to run some program by using condor and "universe = vanilla". If the program does not link to any library, it works well when i submitted it to condor. However, when i try to link to libraries, for instance lapack, i get some problem, and i have been fighting for it for several days.
       The problem is like this, I can successfully compile and run the program locally if i choose to link lapack dynamically, but when i submit the task with condor_submit with or without setting "getevn=True", error reports is given as "error while loading shared libraries: liblapack.so.3.....". So I tried to use static option for the link, with "LIBS = -L /usr/lib/ -llapack" and " $(FC) $(FFLAGS) -o $(PROG) $(OBJ) $(MODOBJ) $(LIBS) -static", (i have checked by "locate liblapack" that liblapack.a is located at /usr/lib/), but i can not locally compile successfully, the errors are mainly "undefined reference to xxxx" (which is the subroutine in the libraries.)  Any help is  welcome and helpful, I really appreciate it!
Best Regards

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