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Re: [Condor-users] Condor, Vanilla, can not link to the library successfully

Yang Kaiyu <kaiyu_yang@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>     So I tried to use static option for the link, with "LIBS = -L
>    /usr/lib/ -llapack" and " $(FC) $(FFLAGS) -o $(PROG) $(OBJ)
>    $(MODOBJ) $(LIBS) -static", (i have checked by "locate liblapack"
>    that liblapack.a is located at [DEL: / :DEL] usr/lib/), but i can
>    not locally compile successfully, the errors are mainly
>    "undefined reference to xxxx" (which is the subroutine in the
>    libraries.)  Any help is welcome and helpful, I really appreciate
>    it!  Best Regards Kai-Yu

The error messages may give some clue as to what extra libraries are
needed.  Once you discover that you'll probably need some more -lxxxx
on the link command.  Just been through somethinf similar myself.