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Re: [Condor-users] Permission Denied when get info about jobs via SOAP API

You can look at the RemoteHost attribute on the job. To get the IP, you may have to cross reference with the machine ad in the Collector.

e.g.: via the CLI, condor_q == getJobAds on Schedd and condor_status == queryStartdAds on Collector

 $ condor_q -l 1 | grep RemoteHost
$ condor_status -const 'Name=?="slot16@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"' -l | grep PublicNetworkIpAddr



Nguyen Chi Hiep wrote:
I have used SOAP API to get the information about the jobs in the pool. Now
I want to get the IP of machine running this job.
Please give me some suggestions?
Thanks in advance.


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