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[Condor-users] Inconsistent machine address using condor_status

This has always bugged me. Maybe it's fixed in 7.0.x. If it is, ignore

If I have a multi-slot machine I can get the status of just one slot by

	condor_status -direct vm1@machine

But if the machine has only a single slot the folowing fails to find the

	condor_status -direct vm1@machine

Instead you have to say:

	condor_status -direct machine

How annoying is that? If I want to query a slot on a machine for
information I first have to query the entire machine to figure out if
it's a single or multi slot configuration and then pick the right

Nasty. Can you make it consistent so vm1@machine (or slot1@machine)
works to address a a single slot machine as well as the first slot in a
multi-slot machine?

- Ian

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