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[Condor-users] Failed to init GAHP with Condor-G


     Troubles with Condor-G job submission. The job is put on hold with the error message: Failed to initialize GAHP. Below is a log segment copied from GridmanagerLog file:

5/13 17:03:34 [31041] GAHP[31047] <- 'INITIALIZE_FROM_FILE /tmp/condor_g_scratch.0x85c9a18.30009/master_proxy.2'
5/13 17:03:34 [31041] GAHP[31047] -> 'F' '7' 'Failed to activate Globus' 'modules'
5/13 17:03:34 [31041] GAHP command 'INITIALIZE_FROM_FILE' failed: 7
5/13 17:03:34 [31041] GAHP: Failed to initialize from file
5/13 17:03:34 [31041] (15347.0) Error initializing GAHP

    Why was Condor checking proxy (or whichever operation was performed) in

    Is it a temporary directory similar to Globus' scratch directory for jobs?

    By the way if it helps, globus-job-run works fine on the same machine (so there is probably no problem with the proxy itself?)

    Thank you,