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Re: [Condor-users] Variable expressions in transfer_input_files

Greg Thain wrote:
Martin Steele wrote:

I'm trying to expand file names for files I want to transfer as mentioned in the thread that ended with:


However, I'm not having any success. Basically, I want to send the input file depending on the matched Arch, so I've been trying something like:

transfer_input_files = stub.$$([Arch])

The $$([ syntax won't work in Condor 7.0, it was fixed in 7.1. In this case, though, since you just need to lookup ARCH, and not evaluate it, the older $$(ARCH) syntax should work. It should work, but it won't, because condor_submit is (un)helpfully trying to pre-verify that your input file exists before submitting the job. Since condor_submit doesn't know what ARCH is going to expand to, it looks for the literal string stub.$$(ARCH), and doesn't find it, and returns the error message you see. You can work around this problem by creating a zero-length file named, literally, "stub.$$(ARCH)". condor_submit will see that this exists at submit time, but the shadow will expand it to the correct value at run time. This is a hack.

Just for the record: instead of the above hack, starting with Condor v7.1.4 and above you can also work around this by invoking condor_submit with the "-disable" flag (to disable file permission checking), or in your submit file add the line: