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Re: [Condor-users] The system cannot find the drive specified.

A few things are useful to know when running jobs on Windows via Condor:

1. Condor runs your jobs in really lean initial environments. It does
not mount Windows drives for your job.

Not a hard problem to overcome. Just make the first set of commands in
your jobs the necessary "net use" calls you need to setup your drives.
The tricky part is what to do if your shares require authentication to
mount. You've got a few ways to approach this. The easiest, least
secure: always do your mounts as one domain account and put the password
in plaintext in your job script.

2. If you're not using the credential daemon your jobs run as limited
local user accounts. These accounts generally don't have access to
shares that require domain-level authentication.

Ties in to #1 and how you do authentication to remote shares. If you can
stomach the security hole try running the shares you need as completely
open shares, no authentication required. Samba works well for setting up
these kinds of shares.

3. Each job on Windows runs in its own virtual desktop space (unless
you're using USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP, which you shouldn't).

This means jobs don't share mounts. So every job can do drive mounts as
if it's the only job on the machine.

> Where, \\FILESERVER\sharename are the same path in
Transfer_input_files and Executable.

This'll only work if \\FILESERVER\sharename doesn't require your job to
authenticate. See my comment about limited local user accounts. You're
not using Condor credd daemon, right?

> EXECUTABLE = Y:\4Alex\lasEnvelop.bat

This won't work because Condor doesn't make the Y: drive mount for you.
I'd say put your time and energy in to make UNC (\\FILESERVER\sharename)
work instead of drive letter. It's the more flexible approach.

Hope that helps.

- Ian

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