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Re: [Condor-users] The system cannot find the drive specified.

Yes, I am running the job as submitting user. Thank you for pointing me
to that information but that is already done, I completed all of the
condor_host configuration and modifying the condor_config files on all
of the execute/submit machines. In my case the Condor_host is the same
Central Manager, I set up a common condor_pool password for all the
submitting/execute machines using the condor_store_cred command and also
modifying their condor_config file in all of those execute/submit
machine to allow the run_as_owner to run on them. I also created a
condoruser which credentials are stored in all the execute/submit
machines by using the condor_store_cred command. 
Again thank you for your input.

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Alas, Alex [FEDI] wrote:
> Hello to all again,
> I am trying to run this job which description filed are added below
> it fails with an exit code 1 every time. The error output file is
> back with the following message:
>  > The system cannot find the drive specified.
>  > The system cannot find the drive specified.
> I don't know if I need to include anything else. I tried running the
> mapping the drive and with the full path but the error is the same.

Are you running the job as the submitting user (by setting up the

Take a look at section "6.2.7 Network files and Condor" in the Windows 
section of the Condor Manual, at URL:

There it documents options/procedures regarding how to have Condor 
access network shares on Windows......

hope this helps,

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