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Re: [Condor-users] How to start/restart Condor morequicklyon Windows

It was years ago. condor_master starts immediately and the others are
delayed 10 mins, quite repeatable. Machine is XP Pro, SP2+,
dual-cpu/dual-core (so 4 effective cores), 3 GB total memory.  No other
procs slowing things.  I think this is true of every Windows machine in
our pool.

I queried about this in
ml but no takers then.  I'll be glad to help you debug now, any settings
I can try? Maybe the firewall setting?

Ralph Finch, P.E.
California Dept. of Water Resources
Delta Modeling Section, Bay-Delta Office
Room 215-13
1416 9th Street
Sacramento CA  95814

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I ask about the firewall not because it would hinder communication, but
because turning it off causes a considerable slow down when starting
Condor without the ADD_WINDOWS_FIREWALL_EXCEPTION set to False.  Anyway,
do you have any recollection as to when you started experiencing this?
I've routinely stopped and re-started the Condor service on my machine
and it is responsive almost immediately (except when Java and/or VM
Universe are enabled). What version of Windows are you running?  Is it a
slower machine with limited memory?  Is there additional applications or
services that are hogging the machine? (Just reaching at straws.)

Could you describe the start-up?  I assume the master runs almost
immediately.  When do the remaining daemons/services start to appear?
(The "Process Explorer" application (Now curtsey of MS, formerly
Sysinternals)---if you are not already using it--is a great way to
examine and debug the behavior of a process or multiple ones.)

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> Windows
> I notice the same thing over many different versions of Condor.  No, 
> it's not a firewall issue.  Seems to be standard condor behavior on 
> Windows though I don't know why.
> Ralph Finch
> 916-653-7552