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Re: [Condor-users] Basic installation

I just downloaded the latest stable release (7.05) for Debian 4.0

I want to install the server part on a Ubuntu Server 8.04. My initial
plan was to use the dynamic version but because I got the following
   error while loading shared libraries: libssp.so.0: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory
I moved to the static version

I search Google, read the mailing list but could not find any answer
fixing that problem.

I believe if you install the libssp0 package it will resolve that issue.

Switching to the static version, the installation was done using
./condor_install --prefix=/opt/condor-7.0.5/ --local-dir=/home/condor

The only problem was some weird message about ldd exiting with an
unknown error code.

But I have still some problems. Condor_status keeps on repeating:
Error:  Could not fetch ads --- can't find collector

And the logs state the same.
Thanks for your help

Looks like your condor_config file doesn't have the collector configured. Do you see lines like:

COLLECTOR_LOG   = $(LOG)/CollectorLog
COLLECTOR       = $(SBIN)/condor_collector

Try looking here for configuration options:

Posting your config file would help as well.